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Carbo Load 12x700ml - QNT Sport Nutrition



Energy Drink - Carbo Load

CARBO LOAD is a delicious and refreshing energy drink that provides the quick release and long-lasting energy needed for major physical exertion. Made with pure fruit juice, it will help you increase stamina and power while fighting the signs of fatigue. If you are looking for an easy and fun way to push your workouts further, CARBO LOAD is the right drink for you!

Carbo Load is an excellent source of energy

The CARBO LOAD formula is rich in carbohydrates, our body's favorite energy source. During physical exertion the carbohydrates stored in our muscles and liver are quickly released to bring the necessary energy to the muscles. CARBO LOAD provides the carbohydrates you need as an extra energy source, to avoid sudden drops in blood sugar levels and thus ensure a constant energy level. This effectively helps you avoid any sharp drop in your performance.

Carbo Load is made up of caffeine, guarana and green tea

In addition to providing a high source of energy with carbohydrates, CARBO LOAD is also rich in caffeine (74.5 mg per 350 ml) and also contains guarana extract and green tea (17.5 mg per 350 ml), ingredients particularly recommended to combat fatigue and provides even more energy to the body.

Guarana is a natural ingredient that comes from a plant that has long been used by the Amazonian tribes for its beneficial properties. Like caffeine and green tea, it is also a very effective stimulant. Plus, it's packed with antioxidants (just like green tea) and helps improve focus.

A fruity and delicious taste

CARBO LOAD is a refreshing drink available in two delicious flavors: Superfruit (with raspberry and grapefruit juice) and Lemon / Lime, which will add a pleasant fruity flavor to your physical workout. To get the most out of CARBO LOAD, consume half a bottle before and during exercise