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GOT7 High Protein Chips 50g - Paprika (Vegan)


Protein Chips paprika - Vegan

The delicious protein chips have an intense taste and are high in protein.

The ideal protein snack for between meals.

Providing 20g of protein for just 200 calories, these protein chips are the perfect choice when looking for a delicious and healthy snack. These 50g sachets are practical and ideal to keep in your snack bag, but also to eat at home if you get hungry. 60% less carbs and fat than traditional supermarket chips, these chips will satisfy your cravings without derailing your eating plans.

40% protein
crunchy and delicious
intense flavor
low in carbohydrates and low in fat
the taste of paprika is vegan


   par 100 g   par 25 g 
 Energies   1675 kJ / 399 kcal   416 kJ / 100 kcal 
 Gras  11.1 g  2.7 g
 - dont satutés   1.2 g  0.3 g
Glucides  30.2 g  7.6 g
 - dont sucre  2.8 g  0.7 g
Fibers  9.1 g  2.2 g
Protéine  40.1 g  10.0 g
Sel  2.21 g  0.55 g
fonction de la qualité

sans aspartame

sans gelatine