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Peanut Butter GOT7 – 500gr – Smooth


100% Peanut Butter - 500g - Peanut Butter Smooth

Are you a fan of healthy eating and healthy fats?
Then our three variations of 100% peanut butter based peanut butter are perfect for you.
- Soft peanut butter is the perfect balance of salty and sweet.
- Our chunky peanut butter gives you that crunchy bite and full flavor.
- And then there is our Cinnamon Roll Edition - perfect if you like it a little sweeter and love the cinnamon touch.
Our pure peanut butter variations are not only vegan, but also incredibly delicious and make you want more.
Ideal for bread and toast, as well as oat flakes, smoothies and baked goods.

Buy our delicious now GOT7 peanut butter , in three fantastic flavors: attention, risk of addiction!