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Oatsnack Vanille-Apfel-Zimt 15x65g

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are important nutrients important for the body should be sufficient.

Energy Oatsnack contains these nutrients in the following proportions: 60% carbohydrates, 13% protein and 7% fat. There are many other valuable ingredients, such as dried bananas and peanuts. The nutritional value per bar is around 242 calories

An important ingredient of DAVINA Energy Oatsnack is oats. Oats are commonly known as a very valuable crop. It has one for maneasy digestibility, provides the body with numerous nutrients and has a number of bioactive substances. Of all cereals it contains the highest mineral content, has a lot of iron and provides most of the B vitamin.

Energy Oatsnack is available in several delicious flavors, such as banana bread. It is ideal for both performance and recreational athletes. In addition, DAVA Energy Oatsnack is also recommended for people with strong physical activity.

It is recommended to have a snack about an hour before starting physical activity. As a snack, it can be eaten as often as you like.

Energy Oatsnack has a balanced combination of short, medium and long chain carbohydrates. The protein contained in the bar is of the highest quality and is therefore a valuable source of protein for the body. Protein helps build muscle and maintain muscle mass. In summary, this bar can be used as an ideal long-term source of energy.