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Glycomaize 2000g ON - Optimum Nutrition

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Our Glycomaize formula offers 35g of slow-release carbohydrates to enhance pre, post and during workout drinks and smoothies.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy used during physical activity, especially those high intensity training sessions. It is essential to ensure that you have adequate carbohydrate glycogen stores before, during and after training.

Adding Glycomaize to your shake ensures an optimal release of immediate and intermediate carbohydrates.

When is the best time to enjoy?
Glycomaize can be enjoyed pre, during and especially post-workout. Just mix 1 round teaspoon with water or juice in the ON shaker. Since it is not flavored, you can add it to protein or a body shaker to optimize results.

Unlike other high-carb formulas you may have used in the past, Glycomaize is formulated to be used often and in larger quantities.

Suitable for vegetarians.