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Shape & Slim Man

Remodeling and toning treatment
Age, sedentary lifestyle and, above all, an unbalanced diet contribute to the accumulation of fats and the onset of skin imperfections related to localized adiposity. The Shape & Slim cosmetic cream is a formulation based on carnitine and caffeine, substances with highly active activities that stimulate the metabolism of adipose tissue, whose action is supported by the action of phosphatidylcholine, an active ingredient extracted from soy, completely natural that has been shown perform an effective action against fatty deposits.
Shape & Slim Man
It has a toning and remodeling action that helps contrast skin imperfections especially in the abdominal area.
How to use: Shape & Slim Man should be applied by gently massaging until completely absorbed. Wash your hands thoroughly after use and avoid contact with the eyes. Do not apply before physical activity.
Format: 200 ml.