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TOPWELL® Protein Drink 480g

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Delicious light drink based on whey protein and essential nutrients to promote optimal metabolic functions and control your weight

  • Exclusively based on whey proteins.
  • Light: no added sugar and low in fat.
  • Complete: vitamins, minerals, fiber & L-carnitine.

Strength points

    • Ideal to complete your diet and to start the day well.
    • Promotes and maintains a good metabolism.
    • Avoid the decrease in muscle mass during a regimen.
    • Very digestive and calm hunger.


  • Rich in precious whey proteins with high biological value.
  • Low in fat and no added sugars.
  • Contains carnitine, choline and inositol, which promote fat metabolism.
  • With 12 vitamins, 14 minerals and trace elements.
  • Natural source of calcium.
  • Without dyes, without preservatives, without aspartame.