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750ML Endurance water bottle
750ML Endurance water bottle

750ML Endurance water bottle

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Tacx Shiva is the preferred choice of elite cyclists and athletes. The leak-proof design, lockable spout and handle designed for a secure grip ensure reliability. The wide mouth makes it easy to mix supplements. With a capacity of 750ml, it easily fits into a standard bottle cage. Ideal for the gym or on the go, it's easy to clean and supports your performance.

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750ML Endurance water bottle

CHF 4.90


Tacx Shiva is the favorite choice of cyclists and athletes thanks to the impeccable design. With a lockable spout and secure screw cap, the 750ml bottle is designed to be leak-proof even during strenuous activity. The wide neck makes it easy to mix endurance powders. The ergonomic handle ensures a secure grip while cycling or training. Ideal for the gym or on the go, the bottle is easily cleanable. Its versatility and practicality make it perfect for providing nutrition during sporting activities, ensuring optimal performance in every situation


• Standard capacity of 750 ml
• Leak-proof design
• Pre-marked powder levels for easy measurement
• Use at the gym or while traveling
• Wide neck for easy pouring
• Easy to grip neck shape



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